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At ELO, we don’t rest on our laurels…we continually strive to offer the highest quality learning experiences.

About English Language Outreach

Since 1999, when ELO first began operating its educational travel programmes, there has been a consistent drive to enhance the educational features and overall travel experience. All of ELO’s teachers are licensed and qualified professionals, equipped with ELO’s own custom English language curriculum which focuses on the four skill areas: speaking, writing, reading and listening. Generally speaking, the skills taught are specific to meet the requirements for TSA, SBA and HKDSE exams and meet the specific linguistic needs of Chinese ESL students. The focus of our programme is on education with the travel/sightseeing aspect a wonderful addition to augment the learning.

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English Language Outreach Timeline

19 Years & Counting
The First Trip
Founder, Robert McDonald, has idea to help students improve their English….take them to Canada for a short period in the summer. First group of students goes to Prince Albert July 2000.
The Second Trip
Special curriculum is written specifically for Hong Kong students and their English needs.
Programme moves to Saskatoon and the University of Saskatchewan. Host families recruited from Catholic system International Student’s Programme.
Moving West
Add trip to the Canadian Rocky Mountains as part of the programme itinerary.
TSA, SBA and HKDSE Development
Curriculum revamped to include aspects relevant to the TSA, SBA and HKDSE public examinations for Hong Kong students.
Successful launch of inaugural Vancouver camp!
Successful launch of inaugural England camps (Brighton, Canterbury and Oxford)!

English Language Outreach History

Today, ELO continues to grow and discover new opportunities for its international communities. Expanding in to teacher ESL training programmes, as well as opening new locations for summer student travel, never has there been so much excitement.

Year after year, students tell us that they have experienced improvement in speaking, writing and reading English. This is the ELO difference – we put the joy back into learning and the results stand for themselves.

Our head office is in Hong Kong, S.A.R.

About English Language Team

Our Team

We are committed to bring our students the best possible quality of programs
Bob McDonald
Founder & CEO
Diane McDonald
Program Director
David Larson
Chief of Operating Officer
Ashley McDonald
Programme Analyst & Media
Samanta Fulton
Saskatoon Coordinator
Mischa Diehl
Saskatoon Manager
Laura Taggart
Vancouver Coordinator
Conrad Neudorf
Vancouver Manager & Media
Silsila Miakhil
Vivien Tse
Hong Kong Manager
Kristen Hulstein
Abe Pienaar