Did you know…

Today, approximately 2 million people travel abroad with the primary purpose of learning a foreign language, with about two-thirds of them studying English in native English speaking countries such as Australia, the UK, the US and Canada (ICEF Monitor, 2015).

Not to mention…

Academic competition in Hong Kong is huge because of the limited places at local universities which cannot match the demand. As recent as 2013, more than 13,000 students who qualified for a university place were denied a spot due to space shortages, and thus families are doing everything they can do avoid this problem (Time Out, 2013). As a result, one strategy that continues to grow in popularity is studying abroad where approximately 75,000 students were studying abroad and 40.5% of them did so to improve their English proficiency (Census and Statistics Department, 2011).


Schools interested in travel programs for their students are faced with the difficult decision regarding which company to go with. Weighing the costs, activities and educational standards is never an easy task because every program is unique and every country has something different to offer. At ELO we recognise the difficulties that school administrators go through and as an organisation we try our best to accommodate whatever schools needs are and if we can’t do something, we will surely assist in finding service provider who will. We understand educational travel is an investment for families, with the education and new experiences being the top priority. For that reason ELO offers students scholarship opportunities through our annual writing competitions, as we encourage English education regardless of whether schools choose to travel with us or not.


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