Fun for the Whole Family

“The trip was fantastic! I loved every minute and I know my English improved. Alan and Cindy, my host parents, were wonderful to my sister and I.”

Christine Ng - 2000, HK to Saskatoon

A New Experience

“Our ELO Canadian trip experience was wonderful! It gave us a chance to practice English like we never could here in Hong Kong.”

Aimee Chung - 2008, HK to Saskatoon

Oh, Canada

“Best time of my life. I love learning in Canada very much!”

Karen Wong - 2004, HK to Saskatoon

Host Family Love

“It was quite good because I improved my English and tried many new things. My host family was so nice.”

Li Oi Ping - 2007 HK to Saskatoon

Give Me More

“It was so exciting but the time seemed too short. I want to go again!”

San San Wong - 2013 HK to Saskatoon