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About ELO

In 1999 our founder brought a group of hong kong students to canada for a summer english immersion to help those students improve their english

Since 1999, when ELO first began operating its educational travel programmes, there has been a consistent drive to enhance the educational features and overall travel experience. All of ELO’s teachers are licensed and qualified professionals, equipped with ELO’s own custom English language curriculum which focuses on the four skill areas: speaking, writing, reading and listening. Generally speaking, the skills taught are specific to meet the requirements for TSA, SBA and HKDSE exams and meet the specific linguistic needs of Chinese ESL students. The focus of our programme is on education with the travel/sightseeing aspect a wonderful addition to augment the learning.

Our Programs

All our programs are designed to stimulate our students, extending beyond the classrooms & textbooks. It’s an all round learning experience from our activities to our host families

The cornerstone of ELO programmes has always been our education component. Unlike other companies that stress the travel aspect of their trips, ELO focuses on having the highest quality education augmented by the travel and touring. We employ only native English speaking, degree-holding teachers to teach in our summer programmes. To maximize learning, students are taught in classes of 15 students to one teacher.

Canadian Summer English Immersion Programme

Hong Kong to Canada

Now is the perfect time to study abroad while you are young, energetic and wanting to learn the English language AND see another country and its culture!

Besides, improving your English language skills, participating in an ELO’s Summer English Immersion Programme will introduce participants to culture from around the world and open minds. ELO’s Summer English Immersion Programmes are more than just an interactive language class but also includes visiting various cultural and leisure activities to have fun and practice specific event vocabulary as learned in class

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Private: Canadian Summer English Immersion Programme

Guangzhou to Canada

Summer of 2017 will see our newest summer immersion programme launch for Mainland China students. To insure the maximum English immersion, this programme will be offered in Saskatoon from August 1st until the 16th inclusive. Students will be housed in the residence of the University of Saskatchewan where they will attend small group classes. Language level offerings are from elementary to advanced.

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English Teacher Training

Canada to Hong Kong

ELO is proud to host Canadian university students, who are studying to become primary or secondary teachers, here in Hong Kong. This specialized training programme equips future teachers with all of the necessary strategies to properly engage and guide ESL students towards successful English learning outcomes.

Each ESL Immersion Programme takes place early May for two weeks and all participants will be assigned to participating schools in Hong Kong. Participants will be taught various ESL strategies and practice in an authentic classroom situation. Daily debriefing will help participants develop appropriate pedagogy for their particular teaching style.

Besides the in-class experience, participants will also have a chance to explore the Pearl of the Orient... Hong Kong, during afternoons and weekends. This includes numerous cultural, sightseeing and exciting adventures.

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Learning Skills

Each year, we get our participants to complete a survey about various aspects of their programme experience. Below are the compiled results of each skill area:

76% felt their writing had improved; 18% had somewhat improved; 6% undecided/no difference.


78% felt their reading comprehension had improved; 14% had somewhat improved; 8% undecided/no difference.


92% of our participants feel that their spoken English and their confidence in speaking English had greatly improved; 5% improved; 3% somewhat improved.


91% felt their listening to English had greatly improved; 6% improved; 3% somewhat improved.

Each year, we get our participants to complete a survey about various aspects of their programme experience. Below are the compiled results of each skill area:

Feature Testimonials

Don't Take It From Us

Word From Our ELO Community
“Great. I really liked most of the field trips. I also feel like my English has improved.”....
Trudy Cheung - 2016 HK to Vancouver
“I know the students really enjoyed the trip and from sitting in the lessons, I know the instructional content is very good.”....
Caterina Ho, teacher, CCH Hong Kong - 2014 HK to Saskatoon
“The trip was fantastic! I loved every minute and I know my English improved. Alan and Cindy, my host parents, were wonderful to my sister and I.”....
Christine Ng - 2000, HK to Saskatoon
“Best time of my life. I love learning in Canada very much!”....
Karen Wong - 2004, HK to Saskatoon